mandag den 30. december 2013

The Magic Hat !

I have stopped teaching my comic class after 8 years of teaching comic and animation for kids. I have decided that it was time to focus on my own projects. So this is my last cover page for the annual booklet.
All the characters are from various personal projects I'm working on. So it is a kind of "to do list" for me.

This cover illustration also depicts "The Magic Hat Game" we played alot i the comic class. A game where all participants write a note with a character, a note with a location and a note with a sentence. The notes are thrown into 3 different "magical" hats and mixet. Each participant pulls three notes out of the hats and make a comic that contains what it says on the notes. A game that is both fun for kids and professional illustrators.

The Herlev-Billedskole logo (Herlev Art school) was also designed by me.
Im going to miss that place!

mandag den 25. marts 2013


"The main difference between a Seahorse and a Seehorse is..
a Seehorse can't swim!"
I know it is a very corny joke, but I'm still laughing ha ha ha! 
100% photoshop

fredag den 1. marts 2013

Monster Love to Darholt!

An "Until next time" gift for Claus Darholt! Because he got a new job, we will not be working in the same building! "Spilhuset" ("The Game House")
Pencil, Prismacolor, Copic marker and ballpen. on brun papir o.0