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"Marco Macaco" Storyboard / Animatic

"Hardcop" the bollywood intro of the movie

This is the Animatic of my storyboards i did working on the "Marco Macaco" feature film.
This sequence was inspired by an old bollywood movie.
I had a lot of fun working with Jan Rahbek (the director) on this sequence and he gave me a lot of creative freedom!
The "booty shake" was added later by my supervisor, to hookup with a funny dance move a animator addet in the next scene.

***Spoiler Alert***  The next 2 videos will reveal vital story points, that may ruin the movie experience

"A Hero Rises"


In this sequence Marco sings the "endure the pain life gives you" song, which he learned from the pirates.
He then stops Carlo, that is inside the robot casino, from zapping Lulu in to a mindless zombie.
This storyboard is the first version of many passes to the final storyboard. The sound is from the last version, so the timing is a bit of because of the changes that was done.
It was mainly the order of the shots thats were changed, but some shots were added. you can go to the movies to see which one ;)

"Last Goodbye" ***Spoiler Alert***

This is the first version of the ending sequence of the "Marco Macaco" feature film.
The beautiful drawing of marco´s boathouse was done by my supervisor Dan Harder.
After i was moved on to develop and storyboard on the "Marco Macaco" tv-series. the rest of the storyteam made a lot of changes in the ending sequence, so its a lot funnier now. Go to the movies to see the awesome result !!!

Tjek out the Officiel Trailer here

English version here:

And tjek out the awesome studio here:

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