onsdag den 4. april 2012

Terrorist Attack

                                                                                                                                  clik pic

I Worked on this  animated-news-film for "Politiken" (the largest newspaper in Denmark), in collaboration with Animation HUB.
It's about a terrorist attack aimed at the "Politikkens hus" where "Jylandsposten" the newspaper that published the Muhammad drawings lies.
It was exciting to work on a real incident in close cooperation with the journalist Morten Skjoldager, who had researched the story in a year.
It was very challenging then everything should be confirmed, for example: we couldn´t show how many there were in the PTA car, because the police obviously would not give that information about their secret intelligence service.
So it was very special to put the storyboard together, as there were many things we could not show and we did not have the liberty to invent anything else as you normally have in the animation industry.

I was instructor on the project and also created the storyboard, some backgrounds, drawn and designed the swat guys and made all composeting and camera movement.

unfortunately there is an advertisement first but it can be closed
and it is in Danish sorry :/


4 kommentarer:

  1. cool! The board reads really well, and I like your solutions to the restrictions! I saw the video first and read the post afterwards, but the shot under the PTA car was one that stood out to me.

  2. Thanks for the critique Søren, I always appreciate it!
    Im also not so fond of the shot, it does not read well. But it was also difficult to instruct how to draw a car from below, without help from the Internet, when you yourself are clueless;)

  3. ha! I meantthe board stood out as a cool idea and slightly different -but in a good way. I need to read my post through before I post them. It was meant as a compliment rather than critique :)

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