lørdag den 22. december 2012

Santa's Little Helper

My God friend Sonobeno,
just held a lector in robot design. I was lucky enough to crash the lector,
so this years Xmas card just had to have a robot.
Marry Xmas to you all :)

fredag den 30. november 2012

"Marco Macaco" Storyboard / Animatic

"Hardcop" the bollywood intro of the movie

This is the Animatic of my storyboards i did working on the "Marco Macaco" feature film.
This sequence was inspired by an old bollywood movie.
I had a lot of fun working with Jan Rahbek (the director) on this sequence and he gave me a lot of creative freedom!
The "booty shake" was added later by my supervisor, to hookup with a funny dance move a animator addet in the next scene.

***Spoiler Alert***  The next 2 videos will reveal vital story points, that may ruin the movie experience

"A Hero Rises"


In this sequence Marco sings the "endure the pain life gives you" song, which he learned from the pirates.
He then stops Carlo, that is inside the robot casino, from zapping Lulu in to a mindless zombie.
This storyboard is the first version of many passes to the final storyboard. The sound is from the last version, so the timing is a bit of because of the changes that was done.
It was mainly the order of the shots thats were changed, but some shots were added. you can go to the movies to see which one ;)

"Last Goodbye" ***Spoiler Alert***

This is the first version of the ending sequence of the "Marco Macaco" feature film.
The beautiful drawing of marco´s boathouse was done by my supervisor Dan Harder.
After i was moved on to develop and storyboard on the "Marco Macaco" tv-series. the rest of the storyteam made a lot of changes in the ending sequence, so its a lot funnier now. Go to the movies to see the awesome result !!!

Tjek out the Officiel Trailer here

English version here:

And tjek out the awesome studio here:

onsdag den 13. juni 2012

Mafia Boss

I had the pleasure to make this concept design for Tactile Entertainment's new awesome game Mafia Planet. It can be downloaded free for iphone here and android here.
The drawing is obviously strongly inspired by Marlon Brando's "Don Vito Corleone," but I made him a little shorter and fatter. The name of the game was at that time "Crime syndicate" since altered to "Mafia Planet", I assume to get more downloads. Try it, it´s a lot of fun.

torsdag den 26. april 2012



In my comic class, I gave the assignment to do a comic front page containing a crocodile. But before starting, the students should draw a real life croc, to be able to make a more original character design, based of reality and not other cartoons.
I made the assignment as well, drawing the table with the students drawing tools and inserted a texture of their oilcloth.
The Herlev-Billedskole logo (Herlev Art school) was also designed by me.

For the croc I tried a new coloring technique and made a animated Gif of the process

onsdag den 4. april 2012

Easter bunny

Just found this old drawing!
I still find the Easter bunny a fanatically funny phenomenon.
have a nice Easter holiday
- C

Terrorist Attack

                                                                                                                                  clik pic

I Worked on this  animated-news-film for "Politiken" (the largest newspaper in Denmark), in collaboration with Animation HUB.
It's about a terrorist attack aimed at the "Politikkens hus" where "Jylandsposten" the newspaper that published the Muhammad drawings lies.
It was exciting to work on a real incident in close cooperation with the journalist Morten Skjoldager, who had researched the story in a year.
It was very challenging then everything should be confirmed, for example: we couldn´t show how many there were in the PTA car, because the police obviously would not give that information about their secret intelligence service.
So it was very special to put the storyboard together, as there were many things we could not show and we did not have the liberty to invent anything else as you normally have in the animation industry.

I was instructor on the project and also created the storyboard, some backgrounds, drawn and designed the swat guys and made all composeting and camera movement.

unfortunately there is an advertisement first but it can be closed
and it is in Danish sorry :/


fredag den 17. februar 2012


a coal-driven robot on the moon!
not so smart but who cares
pencil and photoshop colors
- C