onsdag den 8. juni 2011

Concept Art

Here are some concept drawings I made ​​for Philip Berg's project "Conquistador"
It was a really good project that unfortunately was never finished

The drawings here are from Cav Bøgelund's "Mr. Black" where I made ​​Concept Art, Storyboard, Model Sheet and animation.
In one way or another, the entire movie is gone because of some moving clutter and server crash, when The Animation Workshop moved to the barracks.

I learned a lot when we created it and the movie got Cav onto the National Film School of Denmark so it was not entirely a waste of time to make it. (but almost) ;)

 personal project

 A background to a flash game where the same room would change style over time.
it was made ​​for the good friend of mine and kolega Kristian Kristensen. who was the director on the game.

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