mandag den 19. september 2011

Monster Clown!

Humphrey knew that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. So in his choice of profession as line dancer, he considered himself very fast and cunning, while others considered him as a bit of a clown!

100% Photoshop

torsdag den 1. september 2011

SK8 Monster

casper Høg
Here is an ectothermic guy who despite his weight and sluggishness wants to be a skater!
There is a Time Lapse GIF of my work is process. enjoy

100% digital.

torsdag den 23. juni 2011

Monster Vampire Bear Thingy

This guy was also 3 and a half hour from start to finish, but have a lot more line work than the others.
100% digital

tirsdag den 21. juni 2011

Monster Schæfer

This guy started with a silhouette of a German shepherd dog.
It changed quickly into something more exciting.
3 and a half hours from start to finish.
100% digital

mandag den 20. juni 2011

Blog Monster

I am experimenting with a coloring method that does not take all day.
This one took 4 hours from idea to finish. which are still too long when you take motive into consideration.

all digital

fredag den 17. juni 2011

Hairy Potter

Every Wednesday, I teach a comic class together with my good colleague and friend Rasmus Møller, where we teach kids how to draw and make comics.
This drawing is the result of a student who asked me
"how do you draw a wizard who does not look like Harry Potter"
which is obviously much easier than to draw Harry Potter.
made with pencil and digital color

torsdag den 16. juni 2011

Disco Worms

Here are some of the character design I created for "Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms
It was created by a company which is now called Nice Ninja.
It was a fun production where I got a lot of creative freedom for all supporting characters. And the main characters had a lot of cool concept art I could lean against.
Many of the designs never made it to the big screen because of time and money. But you can see some of them here.


onsdag den 8. juni 2011

Concept Art

Here are some concept drawings I made ​​for Philip Berg's project "Conquistador"
It was a really good project that unfortunately was never finished

The drawings here are from Cav Bøgelund's "Mr. Black" where I made ​​Concept Art, Storyboard, Model Sheet and animation.
In one way or another, the entire movie is gone because of some moving clutter and server crash, when The Animation Workshop moved to the barracks.

I learned a lot when we created it and the movie got Cav onto the National Film School of Denmark so it was not entirely a waste of time to make it. (but almost) ;)

 personal project

 A background to a flash game where the same room would change style over time.
it was made ​​for the good friend of mine and kolega Kristian Kristensen. who was the director on the game.

onsdag den 11. maj 2011

Box Bunny

A drawing done in Photoshop that started out as a Wacom tablet test. So it´s made on a Bamboo touch, a3 Intuos3 and medium Intius4. the Intuos4 is by far the best.
For the cool Raster dots i have to thanks my buddy Kristian Kristensen for making a script so it is super easy to make rasterdots with one clik

søndag den 2. januar 2011


And old Christmas card that says something like "Marry after xmas and happy Newyear" its more fun in danish
Pencil and Photoshop